So, SEO?

Some of us have heard it before, others…not so much. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whether you’re in PR or Marketing, it’s going to mean something to you eventually.

Through work, I was shown a great infographic on the PR Newswire’s blog, called Beyond PR. The blog post talks about how multimedia basically “supercharges” your news release. Basically that means that it helps boost your news release to the top of search engine results. Hence that SEO thing I started off with.

Maybe you should add that photo or video after all! I hope you find it useful. They’ve also got a couple of whitepapers on the subject if you’re interested in more reading.

Here’s a link:

In other news, I have yet to start my research for the first assignment. Interesting topic brought to light at tonight’s Planning course: horse meat. I’ll consider it.

my infographic

It would be ironic if I didn't include a photo after preaching about it...I took this photo and thought it looked like the infographic


One thought on “So, SEO?

  1. Thanks!

    What she says about having more outlets for sharing a release that includes different forms of media makes sense. If you don’t have a video to share you can’t reach out to your followers on YouTube, for instance.

    You want the multimedia to be relevant to your release of course. It should add something to the story you’re trying to tell.

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