High-speed chase

I think I’ve got a research topic. Excited? Me too. So, as the title would suggest: let’s cut to the chase!

I spend a lot of time on the GO, getting to and from class 3 times a week. And I talk about it all the time (ad nauseam, I know). So, DUH  – I think I’ll go with that. I know enough about it and I’ll be able to get some research done en route. Ahhh, efficiency.

But it’s not all about me. Transportation is an issue for most people. If you drive for your commute, you’ve probably complained about traffic at least once. And if you take public transit, you have undoubtedly endured (significant) delays at one time or another. In the jockeying for highway space and among the debates about provincial and local public transit, I’ll bet that most of us have engaged in multiple conversations about it.

Some of my classmates will remember my other GO Transit project. Clearly I have some investment in it (I told you: ad nauseam). The difference will be the focus on (or even the mention of) the company’s use of social media.

I’m already following them on Twitter. And I know they have a Facebook page. I’ll have to see if anyone’s blogging about them and follow more press coverage on their goings-on. There’s gotta be something. I just don’t want to have to resort to watching old episodes of Train 48. Please tell me someone remembers that TV show…

I’ve got to get this project on the go (pun intended), and fast, because I’m quickly running out of time before a work trip interrupts my new routines. I’ve got some ideas on how to relate my project back to the movie, Speed (I HAD to include this clip from The Simpsonshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsA4FnwrR7E). But suggestions or feedback on the topic, and hints of where I might find more, are more than welcome.


2 thoughts on “High-speed chase

  1. autoblot says:

    I think researching how social media is affecting the transportation industry could be really interesting. I bet there are lots of new ways public transportation companies could use social media too.

    How are companies like GO Transit using social media now?

    • So far I’ve noticed that a lot of companies (like GO Transit and the TTC) use social media for real-time updates about delays and schedule changes. I think they’ve tried to figure out what customers want to know, but I wonder if they’re neglecting partners and other shareholders…

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