Noooooooooo: a dramatic reading

In doing some research on GO Transit, I came across this article from the Spec:–go-transit-to-hike-fares-starting-feb-18.

Basically the article announces that GO Transit will be raising its fares as of February 18, 2012.

Fiddlesticks. (I guess that reaction’s less dramatic than my title would suggest.) Looks like I’ll be stocking up on tickets before next month.

The silver lining? It’ll be an interesting conversation (if it truly is a dialogue) to follow on social media.


5 thoughts on “Noooooooooo: a dramatic reading

  1. Read your last post RE: your topic – great topic for the assignment!
    My initial thought was wow, with all the issues I’ve heard (not experienced myself) about the TTC with prices ‘n such (GO with the article you posted too), I wonder how many people may use those social media platform for a rant rather then updates RE: delays, etc. I suppose there is always time for a good rant because let’s face it, we all have those days so I suppose it is then up to the controller of that platform to monitor it as best as possible.
    I haven’t used/seen a social media platform of a company where they list out ‘rules’ of do’s and don’t for users. Maybe if anyone does, I’d be interested to take a look at what you’ve seen of issues or things that some companies have had to face.

  2. joanerwrites says:

    The good news about fares is that they may be increasing the service in Hamilton to include more hours of operation. If you have ever had to take the Go bus, you would know that it is worth the cost of the train. Here’s hoping (also LRT is also on the table if Hamilton Council can ever make a decision).

  3. […] the concerns of passengers (like comfort, services and fare hikes) and then communicate the results to those same […]

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