SOPA: Stop Online Piracy Act

I’m selfish. I’m human. My blog posts are at risk! So, do I care about the new American legislation? Heck yes. But there are two sides to the story and a few interesting tidbits in between…

There’s a lot of buzz about SOPA right now (especially today with the blackouts) and rightfully so. Just enter “SOPA” into any search engine. 

A lot of us Canadians might feel a little more helpless, eh? If you are passionate about SOPA (or any topic), there are things you can do. Leveraging social media is one. Can I get a (what what), #smrtcce? 

In the wake of social media (here comes a lofty statement), communities are no longer confined to backyard BBQs — they’re online and they’re a lot more far-reaching. Through the use of social media, at the very least, we can help influence the way things gets talked about. We have to educate ourselves about it and then participate in the dialogue.

I’m not going to ramble on too long (careful, that’s a Led Zeppelin song) but I’ll leave you with something Bob Dylan once said. In talking about a new song he had written, he back-tracked and said something like (I’m sure I’m butchering this) “…at least I think I wrote it. Maybe I heard it somewhere…”

Point? Some of the things we (common folk) talk about are a regurgitation. A lot of how we relate to others is based on common experiences and interests. And, when we talk to each other, we’ll reference that stuff without even thinking about it. On the other hand, one might argue that it forces us to think about it.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “can’t…not…blog…about…SOPA

  1. theCClife says:

    The statement that a community is no longer at your backyard BBQ is very true. I think in this age where there are no borders and issues trend internationally something like SOPA would be detrimental to the internet as a whole. If they passed SOPA personally I wouldn’t really have a reason to go on the internet. How are people supposed to be open,honest and transparent if we have a limit to what we say.

    Great post Danielle! Thought provoking 🙂

  2. mcivorda says:

    It’s so true that the collective human voice has a channel that never existed prior to the Internet. How amazing that we, as individuals, can actually affect change and influence the ‘powers that be’ using social media?

  3. Very interesting! I really like your writing style.

    To the point though, I thought what you said about how we relate to each other was very true and it really is for the most part unintentional references that we make. As theCClife said every above, SOPA/PIPA really do remove 90% of what we do on the internet and we would simple revert back to how communicated before or more likely find new ways. Which brings me to my final point, it wouldn’t stop piracy, it would simply make the “pirates” find a new way to do it.

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