GO to them v2.0

Just a quick post about a tiny revelation. Although likely not revolutionary, I thought I’d share.

I keep hearing and reading that if you want to engage your audiences with the use of social media, then you should “go to them” (or “GO to them” in GO Transit’s case). Simply put, it means, you have to participate. But wait! There’s more! (Hence version 2.0)

I was doing some research on Twitter and noticed that @GetontheGO has nearly 5,000 followers. But, get this: GO is only following 57 others. I think when the ratio is 1:100, there’s a slight (read: huge) imbalance. Here’s a quick screen shot:

Twitter screen shot -- January 29, 2012

So it got me thinking. Being present in social media platforms isn’t enough. GO Transit needs to prompt discussion, start the conversation, participate and really “go to” their audiences. Follow fans and critics, partners and competitors alike. Tradesies! You gotta give to take.

GO Transit needs to increase its reach (even to actively engage critics), raise awareness (educate) and build supportive online communities. This will help with community management overall.

You can’t just wait to see what the issues are. And you can’t use social media solely for promotion. You’ve got to ask customers how you could be doing better. This is a definite gap in GO Transit’s social media campaign.

I know I’m probably stating the obvious. But, if that’s the case, why is GO Transit not addressing this specific “issue”? What do you think?


8 thoughts on “GO to them v2.0

  1. mcivorda says:

    You are exactly right! Transparency doesn’t just mean respond to negative comments or respond in a crisis situation. It means, don’t pretend to have an interest in two-way conversation, when really you just see Twitter as another INBOX where the company to responds to inquiries! Get out there and get involved in the conversation.

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  3. Nahid Lalji says:

    I’m nitpicking a little, but the ratio is actually closer to 1:100.

  4. […] on my secondary research of Facebook posts evaluation and GO Transit’s use of Twitter, it seems to me that customers aren’t feeling heard. Strange. Because GO Transit conducts […]

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