Fall into the GAP

Let’s take a step back. Let’s talk about GO Transit’s goal (or what should be their goal).

Reach for the stars

I already identified one of GO Transit’s communications gaps. Woah there, partner! What’s the big picture, you ask?

Let’s make this simple: GO Transit needs to increase its customer satisfaction.


I’ve done some research and the consensus is toning toward disappointment. Now, it’s not all bad, but I’m zoning in on the negative as something to be able to improve. We all want to get better at something, don’t we?

In addition to some of the other research I already performed, I should mention a couple more sources and be a little more specific.

After checking GO Transit’s official Facebook page regularly, more often than not, the comments trend as complaints. Worse than that, the complaints aren’t always addressed.

I also asked around. My question was always something like “why do you take the GO?” Usually the answer surrounded not wanting to deal with traffic. Other answers were because people liked to get work done on the train. Others? “Because I have to, not because I want to.”


A lot of people are generally satisfied with their commute but not so much with the GO Transit services. A blog commenter also reminded me that GO Transit has a virtual monopoly on GTA commutes.

No competition? That’s a topic for another day.

image courtesy of GO Transit


2 thoughts on “Fall into the GAP

  1. Lindsay Whelan says:

    I really like this post – really short and to the point! Not over taken by extra information. Good job on linking back to your past work/posts good idea rather then just repeating.

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