Break it down

It’s time to get to the heart of the matter, GO Transit.

Framing the scenario

Here are a few questions I asked myself while conducting some research. Plus my own answers (because who doesn’t love it when people answer their own questions? The answer is no one).

  1. Who’s my “audience”? Lakeshore West GO bus and train commuters (Toronto to Hamilton and every stop in between) aged ~25-50.
  2. Why did I choose this target group? Because they’re the ones I usually see on the train during rush hour commuting for work. They’re also the group who seem to be most vocal about issues they have with GO Transit.
  3. What do members of this demographic have in common? Many use mobile devices while on the train. And most are just trying to get to and from work in a hassle-free way. Opportunity.
  4. What might make this group happy? More trains, straightforward routes, all at a reasonable cost.

How do I know what might make this group happy? See for yourself…here’s a collection of Facebook comments from Get on the GO’s page on the subject:

Recent negative Facebook comments about GO Transit services and fares

You’ll notice that the comments I picked had no replies from Get on the GO. Another social media management gap I will try to bridge for GO Transit.

Like I said in my last post: it’s not all bad. That survey that I mention (that GO Transit conducts regularly) points to a lot of “happy” customers. But there’s certainly room for improvement.


2 thoughts on “Break it down

  1. theCClife says:

    I feel like a Danielle Blog groupie.I really love your blog! lol I like that it is easy to read and very informative without being overwhelming. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hah, thanks Ana! Your blog ( is pretty great too. It always stays true to “you”.

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