Automate – lesson #3

You’re likely aware that I take the train. Frequently. And that I talk about it all the time. With that, it’s been helpful to have a smart phone.

I can check my email, any social media sites I’m on and even my blog  – all from my phone.

Sometimes, whether it’s for personal reasons or professional reasons, if you don’t have alerts or notifications set up, it’s very easy to miss opportunities for engagement.

This brings me to my third lesson in this #smrtcce class: automate.

Make it easy on yourself

When it comes to social media, I think it’s a great idea to get notifications. If you plan to engage (effectively), it’s helpful to know if someone has tweeted you a direct message, or has posted on your wall, or commented on your blog. Without having to go to each site individually to check.

Image courtesy of AOL

Now some proponents of time management would suggest responding to email no more than 2-3 times a day.

If you already have trouble managing your email, you might want to read the Harvard Business School’s Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload.

When you choose to check and respond to email is up to you, but if you receive notifications, at least you know that someone is trying to communicate with you. Depending on the sites you use, it may be a good idea to research a dashboard like HootSuite.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

This lesson is about making informed decisions. There are tools available to us to be able to better manage our use of social media. If we use the tools properly, we will be more effective and engaged users of social media.

Of course, it’s up to you to respond…and to make sure your responses are useful and timely.

Don’t ya think?


3 thoughts on “Automate – lesson #3

  1. Beth Amer says:

    I too have notifications set up for all of my social media platforms. It’s like knowing someone is knocking at your door even when you are not home – depending on the “knocker”, you may choose to answer or not.

    One think I am reconsidering is changing my personal mail (on gmail) being forwarded to my work account (Hello work, my personal mail is extremely tame). While I have been diligent in cleaning up my work account, my gmail account is a mess of notications on department and online sales, along with facebook log-ons from an unknown device.

  2. mcivorda says:

    Hey Danielle, love the Harvard article about email etiquette. Everyone should know these points.

    Beth, are you using filters in Gmail? I just started tweaking it and then set up multiple inboxes that all show on my screen under the category they were filtered into.

  3. That’s a good suggestion, Deb. I started using the tags and creating different inboxes depending on email categories. It’s been helpful for organization.

    I still manage to keep work and home separate sometimes too though 😉

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